Frequently Asked Questions
What Is a Mortgage?
Basically, a mortgage is a loan that uses your home or real estate as collateral. Since most people don't have cash lying around to make an outright home purchase, a mortgage is the best way to go. You make a monthly payment to cover the principal and interest of the loan until the end of the mortgage, usually 15 or 30 years. If you fail to make your payments, the lender, usually a bank or mortgage company can foreclose the loan take possession of your house.

Can you explain the TQ-MAX Mortgage Acceleration System?

Mortgage Acceleration with TQ-MAX is not a refinance of your existing mortgage. Based on your existing mortgage, TQ-MAX helps you determine a payment strategy that significantly reduces or pays off the principle balance of your mortgage much quicker than you would be able to on the regular payment schedule. In basic terms, you are paying off your mortgage early through careful planning and saving. By paying down principal, you're also saving on interest payments.

Do I have to refinance my mortgage?
You don't have to refinance your existing mortgage. Refinancing your mortgage to a shorter term usually results in higher mortgage payments which you are obligated to pay every month. TQ-MAX will help you determine a payment strategy that will save you the most interest, based on your personal situation. This extra monthly payment is of course optional, but best results are obtained by consistently sending extra monthly payments consistently, even if there are small.

How do I save on interest payment?
By making a small extra principal payment each month, you reduce the remaining amount on the loan (that's the amount left to be paid on the loan). Since the remaining balance is used every month to calculate the interest to be paid the following month, the earlier you start to make these extra payments, the faster you pay-off the loan and the more interest you save. In addition, early in the life of the mortgage, as much as 80% of the payment that you send is to pay the interest and 20% for the principal portion. It's only around the 10th year or so that about 50% of the payment goes to pay the principal.

Do I have to pay TQ-MAX every month?
The TQ-Max membership is billed at a low monthly rate. There is also a lifetime membership for unlimited mortgages. All mortgages that you currently have and all future mortgages will be covered under the lifetime membership.

What are the benefits of joining TQ-MAX?
As a TQ-MAX Member, you can enjoy the freedom of mortgage-free living without all the hassle of refinancing your existing mortgage. Our innovative patent-pending method virtually eliminates years of mortgage payments!

* Get Cash back rewards from credit/debit card shopping at TQ-MAX partners
* Register any card from family and friends
* Dramatically reduce your mortgage term
* Thousands of dollars in interest savings
* Individualized Mortgage Acceleration Plan based on your needs
* Significant reduction in debt
* No need to refinance of your existing mortgage

Do I have to send my mortgage payment to TQ-MAX every month?
You do not send any money to TQ-Max. You will continue to pay your mortgage as you do now. TQ-MAX system will show you how much extra payment to send, along with the TQ-MAX Cash Rewards that you receive every month from TQ-MAX affiliated merchants.

How do I earn TQ-MAX Cash Rewards?
You earn TQ-MAX Cash Rewards simply by shopping for everyday items at hundreds of TQ-MAX affiliated merchants. Cash rewards is also available for Travel and Entertainment.?We use the same engine that's behind Travelocity.com. So you know you will get the same depth and level of service as the top travel partners in the industry - You get great benefits like a choice of over 75,000 hotels worldwide, 5% cash-back on hotel and vacation packages and 3% cash-back on car rental.

How do I know how much TQ-MAX Cash Rewards I earned?
You can track your TQ-MAX Cash Rewards by logging to your account where your rewards are posted. You can see pending rewards, past rewards, and current cash rewards being sent to you, as well as shop for cash back and savings at our affiliated merchants.

What kind of credit cards can I use with TQ-MAX?

You can use all Mastercard, Visa, American Express credit and debit cards. Once the card is registered, all qualified shopping at affiliated TQ-MAX merchants will generate the appropriate cash-back rewards to your account.

Can I register other family member's credit cards?
Yes, as a TQ-MAX member, you can register credit and debit cards from family and friends. Once registered, all qualified shopping done with these cards will generate the specified cash rewards to your account.

Does TQ-MAX Cash Rewards affect my Credit Card Rewards?
Not at all. TQ-MAX cash rewards works independently from your credit card rewards program. You will continue to get whatever rewards your card offers, plus the TQ-MAX cash rewards. We call that double-dipping, as you get double the rewards.

Is my credit card information secure with TQ-MAX.
Yes, your credit card and personal information is secured. TQ-MAX does not store or keep your credit card information. All sensitive data are handled by the appropriate credit card processing agencies in a secured and encrypted environment. Credit card purchases are processed at the merchant where you do your shopping.

TQ-MAX Member Benefits
As a TQ-MAX Member, you can enjoy the freedom of mortgage-free living without all the hassle of refinancing your existing mortgage. Our innovative method virtually eliminates years of mortgage payments!
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